Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hello June!

So, we've almost end the first half of 2013. And looking and checking back at my so called 2013-to-do-lists, i still have a lot to complete, to achieve, and even to buy *big grin*

We have moved out from our unit in Vista Pinggiran, stayed there for 2 years++. The unit holds so many memories of our life. So of course it's sad to leave the place, but life is about moving and taking life to a better level. I am not talking about the candy crush level ah, I don't even play that game. So lame.

During the earlier days at new place, I've to register my mind every time i woke up in the morning. I believe its norm to take awhile to re-adjusting. Qrisya on the other hand, seems easily to adapt and enjoy our new house. She enjoys running from one room to another, to the living room and kitchen area. Until one day terjatuh dan tersembam...ahhh amik lebam besar kat dahi. She really learns from pain, maybe all kids are. Now i don't see her much running around. Takut la tu.

The new place is pretty quite than before...or i should say wayyyy quite. We didn't get distracted by either sounds of cars honking or motor2 mat rempit anymore, as at the old place becos it located just next to main road.  It's peaceful when u can even actually hear sounds of cengkerik and birds in the morning and suits the name of 'Desa' they have as part of this place name.

Moving to new house, is not about few hundred ringgit cost. For a while (not really awhile actually, for a month or twos or more *sigh*) I have to say goodbye to my shopping list, need to have a shooping-freeze-time to recover saving for rainy days back again. Plus, raya is coming in 2 months time, that is another big expenses to bear with. I dont know you, but me - I've set it to myself that expenses and bills meant not to be borned by husband and responsibility alone. Marriage takes two, in every aspect of it, so expenses is not an exceptions. At least to my own world, and each and everyone of us has your own preceptions. So comply whichever fit yours okay? I enjoy spending my earning e.g for Qrisya raya stuffs from top to toe - baju kurung, dress, blouse, shoes, accesories etc. I feel so wonderful to be able to do that! I also consider that I'm generous enough to myself, actually can be overboard at a point. If I have to ask anything from Shaka (or he forces me), i will only pick for simple things like a blouse below MYR50 maybe, so cheap of me!!! Or when he asked me what I wish to have for my birthday or our anniversary, usually it will be for less than MYR200 thing kot. But when it comes to my own earning, i never think twice to bill. Shaka must have words in his doa "Thanks Allah for giving me such an easy wife" I have faith in it. Overhhh yakin sangat!

The new place saves about 1 hour everyday back and forth journey to the office, approximately. And also saves MYR3.20 for toll each day, becos we got to skip one of the LDP toll than before. So for us this new place is a good decision to moved in, tho it's still far away from our working places as my office based in KL Sentral, and Shaka's at Petaling Jaya. Far or near, it is a decision to one directive from various of factors. For my case its the area familiarity, and distance to reach family members around in any case. Although there are some negative vibes voices from this decision, well I don't really think I need to take that into account. Simply becos I'm the one who run my life, as long as I manage to arrange my time the way it suppose to be, be in the office for 8 hours especially during core hours, that's already enough..i dont mind to stay late in office should there be anything urgent to settle up too. Thanks for the flexi hours company!

I don't have much photos of new place to share... actually i have but so malas to take from my hp, dasar sangat!

The view, no balcony

Swimming Pool 


Bossy Qrisya!!
 Loves watching tv from the coffee table, I don't get any fun of her doing that, sofa ada kot...hmm kid oh kid. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday, Qrisya

13 March 2013, genaplah umur Qrisya 2 tahun. Sayu hati ni tengo dia tengah tido, while i'm typing this entry specially for her, too young to know today is her birthday :)

Time really flies, two years goes day by day, just like that. It is still fresh in mind every pain i experienced during labor time, but none of it can beat the 'sweetness' feeling when she was first placed on my chest, and holding my finger when i kacau her tiny jari *sayu lagi* worth every pain, every pregnancy-sleepless-nights..and whatnot. I'm truly grateful..

It was tiring, challenging yet an awesome two years journey so far. Often i heard and read about "Terrible Two"- The age of toddler you'll be challenged the most. Tougher year in short! I will never be really ready with it, but I know i have too eventually or without i realize it myself. Through the past two years, I learnt 'patient' more than just a word alone. To my own parenting dictionary - Patient is a set with love and care..else I will not be able to bear with what I have too. 

So here are things up about Qrisya....personally what's important about staying up and typing this entry up is to track how the tendency, behavior and character will change in the next years, or rather the same....that'd be wonderful. This is very long-abandoned  blog, like really. The last post was about my labor story posted in Oct 2011. Year and months ago haha. Suprisingly, there are still visitor from the statistic. 

Qrisya has not make any huge sentences just yet. She can only says two on three words together. Words sound is pretty clear, jarang tak faham what she's trying to say. It is so funny when she awake at 11pm mamai kot tetiba cakap 'Ami nak ayam'. Seconds after that dia tidur balik, mimpi makan ayam kot haha. I just can't wait the stage she'll finally talking, so she can tell me about her nursery day, friend and all. 
Recent us in Danga Bay, JB 

#1 Most thing and always touched my heart (I'm sure Shaka too) is how Qrisya is so into loveeeee with Azan, mengaji, berzanji and all that. She's amused by the sounds, and could watch and listen to it over and over again. She will pointed to tv, or passes you the astro remote and said "awaaa" (Allahuakhbar). Kadang2 azan,mengaji dekat Astro Oasis tu dah abis, adeshhh mengamuk2 la dia nak lagi. Kena tuka astro beyond very soon la macamni because she really know how to ask for thing now especially this one, so we could record it. Mommy can record her favvy programs too ;p 

#2 Pemarah hoiiii!! Tak dapat buat benda sikit mengamuk. One minute, she's happily play with her barney - bagi pakai pampers bedak bla bla, then the next minute she'll cry all aloud!! Sebab? Tak dapat buka tape pampers jerrrk....ppppffttttt! Trust me this is just one, there's alot more. Sangat menguji kesabaran. 
Semua bebear nak di kasik pampers kok?
 tp barney paling favourite sbb barney ni dia flat in shape hehe
Mickey pon kena mandikan...
#3 Picky eater. So, it always be mealtime battles!!! Nasi, bubur tak nak sangat erm probably just on certain day when she feels want to eat so, suka hati je. But luckily she loves macaroni and spagethi, at least that could be her carbo sources. 
Ayam kepsi ni pun pegang je lebih, gigit sikit then selamba buang kat balcony. 
Shaka - Cica abah beli pakai duit tu bukan pakai dauuunn...kenapa buang?
Haha macam cica kesah kan
#4 Bashful. I did not simply say and conclude just because she frequently hides her head between my legs and being awkward in the presence of others. But, I feel it my heart that it is just her character, maybe I should stop to feel and think that way. And hope this tendency will be last because and just a toddler stage for her. Qrisya also keep refuses to play with her cousins and what's more with unfamiliar people or situations? Memang kirim salam la. I take her to vary new situations to predispose her bashful, at least to let her slow to warm up with the unfamiliar or situation. It does not work. The only place I thing she loves the most, is our home. I don't have an idea how is she at nursery, entah2 takde kawan. goshhh, jangan mcmtu cica, jadi macam mommy friendly ;p *friendly la sgt!*. But I think if this is gen linked, 80% confirmed form Shaka *pemalu sangat la org tu* 
This is was just last week. I'm baby-sitting Jude.
Boleh je Qrisya geng, so here is my hypothesis (siap hypothesis okayyy!)
familiar peoples + familiar situation =OK
familiar peoples + unfamiliar situation = Not OK! I don't want to be-friend with cousins
unfamiliar peoples + unfamiliar situation = NO!NO!NO! Get me out from here.
So maybe, that's Qrisya situation ;p  
#5 Recognize people in picture. Actually dah lama pandai since in months-age tp kelakar sebab dalam pada2 tak nak kawan cousins, tetiba nampak pic cousins sibuk la sebut nama org tu "Judeeee", "Aurieeee". "Icoooll' (Nicol sebenarnya). And she recognize me more than what I am. I am on television uuu!! Kalau ada commercial or actress perempuan cina putih2 yg cantik sajeee (haha) she'll pointed as say 'Amiiiiiiiii' or 'Amiiii antiiikkk' (mommmy cantik, ni i ajar haha). Shaka? Makan hati. Sebab tak penah pula cica tunjuk tv sambil cakap abah, or abah hensem. takde takde.  khakhakha.

Nicol, Aurie and Jude - Nicol first birthday.

Ika, Udin, Kyra - Cousins cica from JB. 
Tp over mommy cica je dlm pix tu hehe

Fresh air please!!
#6 Cat lover. I'd say sangat!!  Menjerit2 tengo iklan whiskis. Tapi tak bagi dia touch meow lagik, not until she is 5 years or more. Ohh, cica love pishhhh too. 

 Fish feeding @ Bandar Hutan Putra (dont really remember the place name)

 #7 Rajin mengemas. Picture below, you judge.  
Rajin mengemas sangattttttt, makin mommy sayang u cica *grrrrrrrrhhhhh, selalu tahan marah je*

 Nasib baik juga ada helpful husband. I love u too bits!

#8 Si rambut sikit & petite. Confirmed gen from mommy ;p Sometimes offenses juga when one simply said 'ehh tak pandai panjang2 pun rambut'.  Like, what I need to do bagi cica pakai wig? haha. Takdelah, i tak kisah pon. Because I dulu pun umur 5 tahun rambut sikit lg, i think Cica is a little bit better.My mom said so.


There's a lot more, but probably I need to sleep now (mengantukkkk sgt!) although I'm not working today and don't have to worry about waking up early in the morning. Dear Shaka, happy working :) Again with no proper end of entry....till donno when, write up here again.

Dear Qrisya Mya Alysha,
Happy 2nd Birthday.
You're daddy's dearest and mommy's maddest, 
We will guide you through life and shaping the best things for you,
May you grow smarter, cleverer, healthier, beautiful and caring,
Happy Birthday dear daughter, Mommy loves you much much muchhhhh!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Qrisya Mya Alysha

Last entry was on 20 Aug 2010, that's mean to say this is a entry after 1 YEAR, 2 MONTHS AND 8 DAYS! Don't doubt, the calculation is precise because I use online age calculator to see how long I haven't write anything here hehe

I never believe that I didn't write anything here since that long, and at the same time I didn't believe I will write something here again too *confuse* haha. Again the last entry, it was written when I was 2 months pregnant, now that the baby have been popped out, very sihat *Alhamdulliah*, very lasak *bertabahlah*, very garang *ikut mommy sgt!* now age 7 months 15 days today (again online age calculator) hehe

So much things crossed my mind now about what to write right now. Ok, lets just see how many things will be written then. Sometimes, in the middle nanti hilang idea.

I want to note down something about my labor story and my baby girl. Boleh? who cares, why bother to ask..haipp!! Okay, my due is actually on 1 APRIL 2011, YES APRIL FOOL! And every solat I doa dpt bersalin awal and I dont want to give birth on 1 April at all! First becos I dont like april haha, bcos 4 is a bad number to me, no offense ye all april babies. Secondly, I dont want becos of giving birth on april fool, nanti org ingat i main2 je, scared nanti takde org nak visit I kat hospital hehe, and also I heard from my ofismate, she know few persons who's birthday on 1st april, then perangai kawan2 dia tu pelik2..again no offence those born on april fool, we all are special in our own way ok, peace. Enough about the due date thingy.

I never share this picture in my facebook.

That's my 8 months baby belly

have to blur it, klu x nmpk hitam2 mcm periuk belanga, eyweeee smpi skrg ada lg la *Sedih*

I experienced a very smooth pregnancy, Alhamdullilah. 8 Months above to je yg payah skit, bcos rasa badan berat sgt. Rasa klu boleh nak jalan heret kaki je! On 12 MARCH 2011, saturday I woke up at 730am, becos Shaka is leaving for work. So happen he have to work that day, but he keep remind call him if anything happened. I just said OKAYYYY bcos i think it is still to early for me to give birth that week, its like nothing to worry la..just cun2 hit 36 weeks that day. Then after shaka left, i sambung tidur...around 930am i heard something like 'pop' and feel like terkencing and forced me to wake up. Quickly go to the toilet and I can see the 'water' keep mengalir and uncontrollable unlike kencing la which u can control, okay get it? I told myself'maybe this is air ketuban'. I almost want to call my mom to confirm but the moment I want to do that and as I stand up from the toilet bowl zasssss *mcm melodi pula* keluar byk giler air! I have no doubt anymore, my water bag has broken!!! That's for sure. Seriously, I'm very nervous bcos I am alone at home now, and in what situation is like that you expect me to be calm, no way. But hehe, I immediately told myself, be relax istifar byk2, Alhamdullilah it really works, minutes after I started to feel excited, and didn't feel much panic. I quickly call Shaka, THREE times but he didnt pick up!!!! So, i decided to text him. Bikin saspen je! He called me back and he was like'U rasa sakit x? Do you think we need to call ambulance? I go back now!' While waiting Shaka to reach home, I take my bath and prepare stuffs to hospital. Honestly, we havent finish our baby shopink, tilam baby pun xde lagi time tu.

SMS yang akan jadi kenangan :)

Lack of preparation, I kat wad, shaka pi cari tilam kat Klang town then MMS me suruh pilih tilam *comel*

10am - Shaka reached home, he looks terribly panic..and somehow i pula yg kena cool kan dia.'No worry, i didnt feel any pain yet, it might take even a night before delivery bla bla bla...'terbalik suda ok! 1030am smpi hospital serdang, kena check kat bawah tu. all this while i thought when to check the bukaan tu kan just put the finger mcm at all okay!! dia cucuk dalam2....bongok la. da la doctor lelaki, then he said baru buka 1CM!!! pastu i kena pindah hospital kajang sbb serdang takde katil kosong, lets just forget the drama, klu nak tulis semo tak abis satu entry ni. yg penting dpt naik ambulans laju gilerrrr!!!! I am glad, staff kat hospital kajang baik2 sgt!!!!! smpi pukul 5 ptg pun I tak rasa sakit lg tau, org lain yg masuk wad sma ngan I da bersalin da... 7 pm pon tak sakit lagi...adeh pelik. 7pm shaka hv to leave, hospital kerajaan je xde la ur husband can accompany ko thru the night. bersendirian la sy. I remember around 10pm baru rasa sakit sikit2..

Before Shaka have to leave, OMG GEMOKNYA AI!

13 March 2011, although baru buka 2CM but i was sent to the labor room..sbb da over 12 hours pecah air ketuban. Imagine dari pagi 10am smpi 12 malam baru 2CM! giler lama. tp smpi labor room trus segala sakit tu kuar okeh, eh mula la i rasa labor room tu berhantu haha, the pain I cant describe rasa mcm nak kena minta bedah je! Masa tu la i told myself, if this is the pain i've to go through, Qrisya will be my only baby. I dont know apa yg doctor tu jab i kat peha, but it makes me feel sleepy. so i melawan rasa sakit dalam pada mengantuk tu. Until one moment, i can feel something kat bawah tu, then bila doc tu check she ask me to push sikit2. I pun mcm eh da nak bersalin ke? Then mungkin dorg da nmpk kepala baby kot, mula la 3 org masuk dlm labor room tu. Sorang pegang I, Sorang ajar2 push, sorang ready to sambut the baby. I think I push like 3-4 times tapi tak berjaya, but seriously i can feel my baby head. sangat2 dahaga tau, i ask for water, actually dorg xleh bagi tapi kesian tgoo bibir i pun da kering merekah2 da...dpt jer minum 2-3 teguk air i really have an energy to push. I siap ckp qrisya lets get this done! haha. I push sekali doc ckp 'yes pandai, sikit je lagi. terus push mcm nak kuar tahi keras' funny! but no time to laugh. I push sekali lagi....'sikit jer lagiiii ahhh pandaiiii awak'...pysho sgt tau tp serius trus semangat sgt...kali ketiga i take a deep breath then i push kuat2 and panjang gilerrrr.....zraaapppppp!! I can feel jari2 keluar tau...Qrisya meluncurrrr laju terkeluar..haha! Qrisya keluar pun mcm terkejut, pastu tak nangis. After kena cucuk hos to suck any fluid from her mouth baru dia start cry. Serius lega ok! Doc letak qrisya on my chest , I kaco her jari then he hold my finger! then I said 'hai baby qrisya'. dia mula nak buka2 mata tp tutup terus. Doc take her bagi mandi n check semo, while i have to go for the process jahitan yg sakit! dia jahit tarik2 mcm kain je tau, tp sbb penat sakit2 mcmtu pun i boleh ttido. we named her QRISYA MYA ALYSHA BINTI SHAMSUL. AlYSHA tu is actually ALYa + SHAmsul. Qrisya tu nama I da simpan lama Ok, nasib baik Shaka stuju, then MYA tu shaka yg pilih.

13 MARCH 2011, 4 AM

first day, mmg muka ai habes! semo yg visit say the same thing :)

Confinement periods, I was taken care by my biras, Kak Ita. But was only for 2 weeks time, lepas tu I jaga diri sendiri OK! I think pantang time memang challenges la! Qrisya pula jenis meragam, sabo je la. Day time tu bukan main tidoq, senang xde masalah. But masuk je waktu maghrib tu mula la dia serba x kena. Sampai kan tiap hari nak masuk pukul 7 je i jadi fobia ok. First day smpi rumah, she awake from 10pm sampai 4am! tidur kejap2 klu letak nangis. Serius I tak leh tahan, dia nangis2 smpi I pun menjerit sama, gilerrr kan! boleh meroyan ooo mcmtu. Cepat2 Shaka amik Qrisya tidur kat luar then suruh I tido kat bilik. Bila i feel cool sket, baru I pi amik Qrisya. Few times juga jadi mcm tu, I tak bleh handle bila she keep crying, sakit telinga I haha. pastu jadi marah...aduhhhh bad bad! I think for a week juga Qrisya berjaga malam, stress strees! I bersyukur to have Shaka as my husband, he been so helpful thru my confinement period. Masak, kemas rumah, basuh semo he sekarang basuh pinggan pun malas ok! Ok maybe men are like that kan, bila terpaksa baru nak buat.

Try to betul2 pantang, especially to work on the tummy part! Bengkung x tinggal wpun terpaksa bengkung di luar sarung, sbb my skin allergic ngan bengkung tu punya kain, gatai2

Her face changed kan? Mommy mcm tu jer la...hmmm

Baru abis pantang....Qrisya hitam eyh time kecik2. tp skrg fair pulak..pelik

First month, night time every 2 hours Qrisya wake up for milk! nasib baik susu badan, so sumbat je! smpi ttido2 pastu dia jaga sumbat lagi haha! So I fully BF her only for 2 months, after i back to work, give her formula milk. Salute all BF mummies, i dont have the patient to perah and keep all. pemalas juga I ni. I bising2 with my biras ckp qrisya suka jaga malam, dorg suggest i bagi qrisya tido meniarap..and that really help! I think sbb qrisya ni jenis super terkejut, ko bernapas tepi dia pun dia leh terkejut...apatah lagi bersin or batuk. So kalau tido mmg I jaoh2 skit dari dia. Bila da sebulan tu dia da pandai angkat kepala toleh kiri kanan, so i kasi dia tidor meniarap....phewwww berhasil sik!



Sometimes she sleep on my chest, thru the night....wateva for you Chica :)


Tido ganas! selimut bantal bersepahhh

Time really flies, 1 JUNE 2011 back to work. Everyone was like, heyyy kurusnya! Eyhh macam tak bersalin je. the receptionist siap picit lengan I mcm x percaya. Honestly for me, nothing much I should be proud of. The fact is my body memang bukan jenis simpan lemak, i easily can loose my weight, effortlessly. Anyway, I should thank Kak Ita, yg mengurut, memasak, bagi mandi air akar, minum air pahit2 apa ntah manjakani ke hape ntah. I think it helps me to get back my 45KG in just 1 and half month. Take care luaran and dalaman ok. Thanks sangat!


2 JUNE 2011 - Second day at work, I received email promotion from HR Singapore. Sangat2 suprise..actually I was interviewed for the position on the last working day before off for maternity leave, and then the second round interview was by phone interviewed in the second weeks of my confinement period. I have to hold Qrisya while the phone interview was going on, she was like erk erk macam nak nangis2, i really hope dia tak cry! And actually i think the interview didn't went so well, so I never think about it until I back to work. But, I believe the rezeki meant to be rezeki anak, Qrisya.....Thanks Allah :) Now that I can do more savings :) also more shopping hehe =p

Lepas masuk keja rasa masa cepattt sgt, now that Qrisya nak masuk 8 months!I think dia ni kecik, mcm I *ewahhh*. berat pun baru 7KG. tak suka minum susu sangat, senang nak bagi makan tak memilih apa pun dia makan, siap mulut ternganga2 lagi kalu kita suapkan.
  • Dah teething
  • Da merangkak
  • Da pandai nak berdiri2
  • Naik walker laju giler abis langgar pintu2 semo
  • At least akan jaga sekali tgh malam for milk, siap jerit2 kalau lmbt bagi

There is alot of thing to remember in 2011, we comes to the end of it in 2 months time. Cepatnyaaa! Qrisya cepat besar, so we can go for vacation. This year also I dapat sepasang anak buat My sis geri's doter, annur and my sis lala's son, Jude. Sisterhood, being a mom in the same year :) Think have write alot here, should stop now with no proper ending hehe...till donno when, will write again :) Oh yer, Just want to say THANKS A MILLION to all yg visit I kat hospital, kat rumah, and baby gift to Chica :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Mommy to be :)

Hellooo!!! yeah its been a long timeeeeeeeeee since the last time I wrote an entry here. reason being so, I malas. hehe. But as I'm experiencing a great thing in every woman life, I decided to write back again! I am now 8 weeks pregnant, and morning sickness has just started to hit me. Its Ramadhan 10, and its my first day tak puasa...hehe. Sbb around 830am tadi, i sudah muntah2. Kat opis plak tu. xperlah, I dont want to force myself juga, not good for the baby kan. Tp over plak, ttiba rasa nak makan McD. haha. I read that morning sickness is the sign of healthy pregnancy, but I do hope it wont hit me bad and too long. Hopefully. Oh ya as I'm with ZERO knowledge of pregnancy, I tend to read article and stuff from internet. But I plan nak beli books juga, so malam2 I bleh baca.

Next week I'm going to have my pregnancy monthly review at both private and government hospital. So lets that happen first, and will write about it in later post...

Me at Brunei Airport

...masa ni tak tau lagik pregnant. Although with the clear sign of missed period, as I've regular period every months. still buat bodoh lg..crazy huh. dahlah going there for field data collection, drive and collect data - keluar masuk jalan kampung. phew nasib baik tak apa2. Alhamdullilah. After Brunei trip balik KK plak.. sempat lagik tu. but why not, jumpa family kan. After 3 days stay at KK, I balik Penang....yeah! jumpa Shaka after a month kot tak jumpa. lamanyaa. The next day we went to nearby clinic...pregnancy test took less than 10 mins. the next minute of it had remarks as a great moment ever in my life...I'm glad. positive and confirmed 6 weeks pregnant....malas nak citer detail, but that was the story :)

Boring Brunei :(