Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday, Qrisya

13 March 2013, genaplah umur Qrisya 2 tahun. Sayu hati ni tengo dia tengah tido, while i'm typing this entry specially for her, too young to know today is her birthday :)

Time really flies, two years goes day by day, just like that. It is still fresh in mind every pain i experienced during labor time, but none of it can beat the 'sweetness' feeling when she was first placed on my chest, and holding my finger when i kacau her tiny jari *sayu lagi* worth every pain, every pregnancy-sleepless-nights..and whatnot. I'm truly grateful..

It was tiring, challenging yet an awesome two years journey so far. Often i heard and read about "Terrible Two"- The age of toddler you'll be challenged the most. Tougher year in short! I will never be really ready with it, but I know i have too eventually or without i realize it myself. Through the past two years, I learnt 'patient' more than just a word alone. To my own parenting dictionary - Patient is a set with love and care..else I will not be able to bear with what I have too. 

So here are things up about Qrisya....personally what's important about staying up and typing this entry up is to track how the tendency, behavior and character will change in the next years, or rather the same....that'd be wonderful. This is very long-abandoned  blog, like really. The last post was about my labor story posted in Oct 2011. Year and months ago haha. Suprisingly, there are still visitor from the statistic. 

Qrisya has not make any huge sentences just yet. She can only says two on three words together. Words sound is pretty clear, jarang tak faham what she's trying to say. It is so funny when she awake at 11pm mamai kot tetiba cakap 'Ami nak ayam'. Seconds after that dia tidur balik, mimpi makan ayam kot haha. I just can't wait the stage she'll finally talking, so she can tell me about her nursery day, friend and all. 
Recent us in Danga Bay, JB 

#1 Most thing and always touched my heart (I'm sure Shaka too) is how Qrisya is so into loveeeee with Azan, mengaji, berzanji and all that. She's amused by the sounds, and could watch and listen to it over and over again. She will pointed to tv, or passes you the astro remote and said "awaaa" (Allahuakhbar). Kadang2 azan,mengaji dekat Astro Oasis tu dah abis, adeshhh mengamuk2 la dia nak lagi. Kena tuka astro beyond very soon la macamni because she really know how to ask for thing now especially this one, so we could record it. Mommy can record her favvy programs too ;p 

#2 Pemarah hoiiii!! Tak dapat buat benda sikit mengamuk. One minute, she's happily play with her barney - bagi pakai pampers bedak bla bla, then the next minute she'll cry all aloud!! Sebab? Tak dapat buka tape pampers jerrrk....ppppffttttt! Trust me this is just one, there's alot more. Sangat menguji kesabaran. 
Semua bebear nak di kasik pampers kok?
 tp barney paling favourite sbb barney ni dia flat in shape hehe
Mickey pon kena mandikan...
#3 Picky eater. So, it always be mealtime battles!!! Nasi, bubur tak nak sangat erm probably just on certain day when she feels want to eat so, suka hati je. But luckily she loves macaroni and spagethi, at least that could be her carbo sources. 
Ayam kepsi ni pun pegang je lebih, gigit sikit then selamba buang kat balcony. 
Shaka - Cica abah beli pakai duit tu bukan pakai dauuunn...kenapa buang?
Haha macam cica kesah kan
#4 Bashful. I did not simply say and conclude just because she frequently hides her head between my legs and being awkward in the presence of others. But, I feel it my heart that it is just her character, maybe I should stop to feel and think that way. And hope this tendency will be last because and just a toddler stage for her. Qrisya also keep refuses to play with her cousins and what's more with unfamiliar people or situations? Memang kirim salam la. I take her to vary new situations to predispose her bashful, at least to let her slow to warm up with the unfamiliar or situation. It does not work. The only place I thing she loves the most, is our home. I don't have an idea how is she at nursery, entah2 takde kawan. goshhh, jangan mcmtu cica, jadi macam mommy friendly ;p *friendly la sgt!*. But I think if this is gen linked, 80% confirmed form Shaka *pemalu sangat la org tu* 
This is was just last week. I'm baby-sitting Jude.
Boleh je Qrisya geng, so here is my hypothesis (siap hypothesis okayyy!)
familiar peoples + familiar situation =OK
familiar peoples + unfamiliar situation = Not OK! I don't want to be-friend with cousins
unfamiliar peoples + unfamiliar situation = NO!NO!NO! Get me out from here.
So maybe, that's Qrisya situation ;p  
#5 Recognize people in picture. Actually dah lama pandai since in months-age tp kelakar sebab dalam pada2 tak nak kawan cousins, tetiba nampak pic cousins sibuk la sebut nama org tu "Judeeee", "Aurieeee". "Icoooll' (Nicol sebenarnya). And she recognize me more than what I am. I am on television uuu!! Kalau ada commercial or actress perempuan cina putih2 yg cantik sajeee (haha) she'll pointed as say 'Amiiiiiiiii' or 'Amiiii antiiikkk' (mommmy cantik, ni i ajar haha). Shaka? Makan hati. Sebab tak penah pula cica tunjuk tv sambil cakap abah, or abah hensem. takde takde.  khakhakha.

Nicol, Aurie and Jude - Nicol first birthday.

Ika, Udin, Kyra - Cousins cica from JB. 
Tp over mommy cica je dlm pix tu hehe

Fresh air please!!
#6 Cat lover. I'd say sangat!!  Menjerit2 tengo iklan whiskis. Tapi tak bagi dia touch meow lagik, not until she is 5 years or more. Ohh, cica love pishhhh too. 

 Fish feeding @ Bandar Hutan Putra (dont really remember the place name)

 #7 Rajin mengemas. Picture below, you judge.  
Rajin mengemas sangattttttt, makin mommy sayang u cica *grrrrrrrrhhhhh, selalu tahan marah je*

 Nasib baik juga ada helpful husband. I love u too bits!

#8 Si rambut sikit & petite. Confirmed gen from mommy ;p Sometimes offenses juga when one simply said 'ehh tak pandai panjang2 pun rambut'.  Like, what I need to do bagi cica pakai wig? haha. Takdelah, i tak kisah pon. Because I dulu pun umur 5 tahun rambut sikit lg, i think Cica is a little bit better.My mom said so.


There's a lot more, but probably I need to sleep now (mengantukkkk sgt!) although I'm not working today and don't have to worry about waking up early in the morning. Dear Shaka, happy working :) Again with no proper end of entry....till donno when, write up here again.

Dear Qrisya Mya Alysha,
Happy 2nd Birthday.
You're daddy's dearest and mommy's maddest, 
We will guide you through life and shaping the best things for you,
May you grow smarter, cleverer, healthier, beautiful and caring,
Happy Birthday dear daughter, Mommy loves you much much muchhhhh!


Zumie said...

happy birthday qrisya :)

Mrs Shaka said...

Tq aunty zumie 😊

HEMY said...

lebih kurang xiyad je ni...yg plg klakar tapi buat kita bengang tu time dia nangis sbb dia takleh nk buat benda dia nak tu..haha

Mrs Shaka said...

Sgt menguji kesabaran tu....xdpt buat something nk mgamuk. Gggrrrhh

Elya Roza said...

happy beday qrisya :)
bnyk tol toys diee

Mrs Shaka said...

Elya, thanks for visiting and following my blog :)