Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hello June!

So, we've almost end the first half of 2013. And looking and checking back at my so called 2013-to-do-lists, i still have a lot to complete, to achieve, and even to buy *big grin*

We have moved out from our unit in Vista Pinggiran, stayed there for 2 years++. The unit holds so many memories of our life. So of course it's sad to leave the place, but life is about moving and taking life to a better level. I am not talking about the candy crush level ah, I don't even play that game. So lame.

During the earlier days at new place, I've to register my mind every time i woke up in the morning. I believe its norm to take awhile to re-adjusting. Qrisya on the other hand, seems easily to adapt and enjoy our new house. She enjoys running from one room to another, to the living room and kitchen area. Until one day terjatuh dan tersembam...ahhh amik lebam besar kat dahi. She really learns from pain, maybe all kids are. Now i don't see her much running around. Takut la tu.

The new place is pretty quite than before...or i should say wayyyy quite. We didn't get distracted by either sounds of cars honking or motor2 mat rempit anymore, as at the old place becos it located just next to main road.  It's peaceful when u can even actually hear sounds of cengkerik and birds in the morning and suits the name of 'Desa' they have as part of this place name.

Moving to new house, is not about few hundred ringgit cost. For a while (not really awhile actually, for a month or twos or more *sigh*) I have to say goodbye to my shopping list, need to have a shooping-freeze-time to recover saving for rainy days back again. Plus, raya is coming in 2 months time, that is another big expenses to bear with. I dont know you, but me - I've set it to myself that expenses and bills meant not to be borned by husband and responsibility alone. Marriage takes two, in every aspect of it, so expenses is not an exceptions. At least to my own world, and each and everyone of us has your own preceptions. So comply whichever fit yours okay? I enjoy spending my earning e.g for Qrisya raya stuffs from top to toe - baju kurung, dress, blouse, shoes, accesories etc. I feel so wonderful to be able to do that! I also consider that I'm generous enough to myself, actually can be overboard at a point. If I have to ask anything from Shaka (or he forces me), i will only pick for simple things like a blouse below MYR50 maybe, so cheap of me!!! Or when he asked me what I wish to have for my birthday or our anniversary, usually it will be for less than MYR200 thing kot. But when it comes to my own earning, i never think twice to bill. Shaka must have words in his doa "Thanks Allah for giving me such an easy wife" I have faith in it. Overhhh yakin sangat!

The new place saves about 1 hour everyday back and forth journey to the office, approximately. And also saves MYR3.20 for toll each day, becos we got to skip one of the LDP toll than before. So for us this new place is a good decision to moved in, tho it's still far away from our working places as my office based in KL Sentral, and Shaka's at Petaling Jaya. Far or near, it is a decision to one directive from various of factors. For my case its the area familiarity, and distance to reach family members around in any case. Although there are some negative vibes voices from this decision, well I don't really think I need to take that into account. Simply becos I'm the one who run my life, as long as I manage to arrange my time the way it suppose to be, be in the office for 8 hours especially during core hours, that's already enough..i dont mind to stay late in office should there be anything urgent to settle up too. Thanks for the flexi hours company!

I don't have much photos of new place to share... actually i have but so malas to take from my hp, dasar sangat!

The view, no balcony

Swimming Pool 


Bossy Qrisya!!
 Loves watching tv from the coffee table, I don't get any fun of her doing that, sofa ada kot...hmm kid oh kid. 

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